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Mon, 25 Sep

John Vervaeke: Awakening from the meaning crisis

All around us are signs of crisis. Join philosopher and cognitive scientist John Vervaeke at the UnHerd Club to diagnose the alienation and anxiety that pervades our contemporary culture. Is a “meaning crisis” at the root of all the other crises we face – environmental, political, spiritual?

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Mon, 9 Oct

Yascha Mounk: The identity trap

Whatever happened to universalism? Academic and author of The Identity Trap, Yascha Mounk, explores how a relatively obscure and marginal set of ideas about identity have come to dominate our social, cultural and political life – and makes the case for universal, humanist values.

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Mon, 16 Oct

Graham Linehan & Andrew Doyle: Tough crowd

Join us for an evening with multi-award wining comedian and creator of Father Ted Graham Linehan. When he came down on the ‘wrong’ side of the transgender debate, Linehan was culturally exiled. But is the comedy industry still captured? In conversation with Andrew Doyle.

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Wed, 18 Oct

Jonathan Sumption: The new hundred years war

Former Supreme Court judge, and celebrated historian of The Hundred Years War, Jonathan Sumption joins UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers to discuss continental entanglements past and present, and the disrupted civil and international order we face today. In-person tickets for this event are now sold out.

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Mon, 13 Nov

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Infidel

What happens when standing for liberal values makes you a heretic? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, exiled human rights activist & bestselling author, joins us at the UnHerd Club to discuss her enduring belief in freedom and why defending Enlightenment values matters. In-person tickets for this event are now sold out.

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