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Tue, 30 May

Prof. Peter Boghossian & Mike Nayna: Revenge of the reformers

As social justice continues to corrupt academic scholarship, what hope is there for the university? Filmmaker Mike Nayna and philosopher Peter Boghossian join UnHerd for a screening of The Reformers – their brand new investigative documentary – followed by Q&A. 

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Tue, 6 Jun

Peter Turchin & Mary Harrington: Elite overproduction

Will elite overproduction end society as we know it? Russian-American complexity scientist Peter Turchin and UnHerd’s Mary Harrington discuss the era of Western decadence and the populist backlash that followed.

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Wed, 14 Jun

Cleo Watson & Tom McTague: Life inside Westminster – beyond parody

To celebrate the launch of her new novel Whips, join former aide to Boris Johnson Cleo Watson and UnHerd political editor Tom McTague to talk Tory sleaze, SW1 scandal and how to write about a government that is already a satire of itself.

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Fri, 23 Jun

UnHerd Unleashed

After the success of the first collaboration with Comedy Unleashed, UnHerd presents some of Britain’s best stand-ups for a night of uncensored jokes for a free-thinking audience. With Francis Foster (MC), Jonathan Kogan, Cressida Wetton, Victor Daniels and Lewis Schaffer.

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Wed, 5 Jul

Tom Holland: Pax

At its peak, the Roman Empire was perhaps the greatest civilisation in history. But like so many cultures before and after it, it declined and finally ended. Chart-topping historian Tom Holland joins UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers to talk about his new book, PAX.

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