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Tue, 28 May

Peter Singer: The Moral Philosopher of Our Time

World-famous utilitarian philosopher and Princeton Professor of Bioethics, Peter Singer, has spent his career asking (and answering) questions that make even the most radical thinkers uncomfortable. He joins UnHerd to discuss his maverick moral calculus and the struggle for telos in a culture both more isolated and more connected than ever before.

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Mon, 17 Jun

Helen Pluckrose & Eric Kaufmann debate ‘Did Liberals start the culture wars?’

Bestselling authors Helen Pluckrose and Eric Kaufmann might both describe themselves as classically ‘liberal’ in their politics, but they have very different ideas of what the future of the liberal project looks like. Is there hope for the principles of liberalism to challenge censorship and draconian politics, or have well meaning liberals become their own worst enemy? They join UnHerd for a public discussion of the ‘post-liberal’ moment.

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